Steps for becoming licensed

The Commonwealth of Virginia is now engaged in a program for the competitive provision of energy to retail customers. If you are interested in participating as a supplier or aggregator, you will need to be licensed by the State Corporation Commission. In order to apply for licensure, you must submit an application in accordance with certain Commission rules as described below.

To further assist with the efficient handling of applications, a courtesy copy of the application for licensure should be submitted to:

Director, Economics and Finance
Virginia State Corporation Commission
P. O. Box 1197 Richmond, VA 23218

The following two important documents provide the information necessary for applying for a license to supply energy from the Commission.

  1. SCC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure
  2. SCC’s Rules Governing Retail Access to Competitive Energy Services (effective 08/01/2001)

Questions about the licensure process may be addressed to the Commission’s Division of Economics and Finance at 804-371-9295. The Commission also offers a toll-free number for general questions about the competitive energy market in Virginia: 1-877-YES-2004.

For additional information, please call Virginia Energy Choice toll-free at 1-877-YES2004, e-mail Virginia Energy Choice, or write Virginia Energy Choice c/o State Corporation Commission, P.O. Box 1197, Richmond, Virginia 23218.